1. Puts You On The Fast Track

To drive traffic to your website using organic ways, like SEO and content promotion takes time, effort, and money. Rent-a-list allows you to get immediate action by helping you reach your audience -- usually within 24 to 48 hours into your first campaign.

2. Massive Targeted Exposure To Any Website

Our Targeted List Advertising packages are designed to drive a minimum of 150 visitors and a maximum of 150,000+ visitors to your website with one single campaign. There are several types of advertising you can start on our network.

3. Saves You Time

Tell us about your product, and target market that you want to reach - every aspect of your online promotion is taken care of by professionals. The extra time you save can be used to do things you enjoy doing in your business.

4. Instant & Direct Reach

Email is the best option to experience instant results from advertising. But, email is also becoming extremely unreliable. Lately, if you are averaging 10% open rate - you are doing pretty good.

To combat low open rates, our subscribers are given "private web-based email accounts" which are hosted on our servers. No outside factors will affect deliverability of your email advertising. Your ads are delivered directly in their "private mailbox". It's instant, and the most direct way to get people to see your offers.

5. Our Visitor Guarantee

The incentives that we offer (credits, cash, contests, games, quality contents...etc) motivates our users to check their "private email accounts" several times a week. It also gives them a reason to visit our advertiser's websites. Because of these incentives, we are able to guarantee a minimum of 40% or more unique visitors to your offer page.

6. Target Your Offer To The Right Audience

The number one rule in advertising is to reach people who are interested in your offer. Rent-a-list allows you reach potential customers by choosing 12 areas of targeting options:

Interest Group, Country, State, Gender, Age Group, Marital Status, Ethnicity, Household Income, Employment Status, Children In Household, B2B Industry and Position Held.

7. Tap Into Our Growing Network And Traffic

You can easily spend hundreds of thousands of dollars upfront, to advertise with top networks like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Why not work with a growing online network and spend a fraction of what you would otherwise spend for the same quality traffic?

Rent-a-list currently has 3.5 Million active users and we are adding more subscribers by the minute.

8. Great For Small Test Marketing

Testing and improving your products and approach is obviously an Integral part of marketing.

With Rent-a-list you can test the response using small email drops  it will cost you only $19.50 to send an email to 300 targeted prospects, enough to see if a product or approach will sell.

9. Split Test Your Approach

Want us to split test an offer to see which marketing approach works better? We can do that for you as well. For any package over 10,000 we can split test two different approaches for no additional cost to you.

10. Ad Design Service

Our design team can create your ads for you in the most appealing way possible. Simply give us your text version of your ad copy and we ll do the rest.

11. Run Multiple Campaigns

Most marketers will need a platform to run as many campaigns as possible to test and keep track of everything, the easy way. Our user friendly interface allows you to run multiple campaigns and track everything in one easy to manage area.

12. Real Time Tracking

Rent-A-List provides you with real time open rates and visitor count for all your campaigns.

13. Ongoing Steady Traffic Using Subscription Option

To keep an online business steadily growing you need to drive traffic daily. Using the Rent-A-List subscription plan we can run your campaign for you on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Cancel the subscription at any time.

14. Fast Delivery

If you have ever dealt with other advertising companies online (especially email campaigns), you are well aware of their lead time. It usually take days or sometimes weeks for you to roll out your campaign. At Rent-A-List we work fast - we can create, design, and process your campaigns within 24 hours of placing your ad.

15. Use Multiple Advertising Methods

To effectively brand your name, or business, and gain trust in your market, your ad needs to be seen in multiple places and formats. (Emails, banners, interstitials, text ads...etc)

You can advertise your offers using Email, Banners, Text Display ads, and Interstitial ads.

16. Traffic On-Demand

In order to promote multiple websites online, the last thing you need in your hands is to worry about when and how your are going to drive traffic to your sites.

Once you decide what you want to promote and the type of audience you want to reach, all you have to do is plug into our resources to generate traffic on-demand. How easy is that?

17. Accountable

It's our responsibility to meet ever promise that we make. Accountability is something we take seriously. When we promise something, we do our best to deliver. Period.

18. Scale and Leverage Your Business

As an Internet Marketing Service company we provide several services that you will use as you grow your revenue online. Rent-A-List clients get top priority and great deals on our other online marketing services.

19. Friendly Support

We realize that just giving good support isn't enough online. We provide multiple ways to help our clients. You can reach us by phone, email, and via "live chat".

20. Free Consultation

Whether you are a Internet Business owner looking to partner with reliable source to improve your marketing, a small business looking to expand your online reach, or an affiliate marketer looking for affordable marketing and advertising services, we can help.

Request for your free consultation now.

Start by opening your free account.

Here is the five step formula you can use to create a simple follow up system. Using this process will help you create a basic follow up system that WILL increase your sales.

Step 1: Make a list of 10 reasons someone should buy your product.

If you have trouble with this, say it out loud like you were telling your best friend. If you can’t come up with 10 reasons, come up with 5. If you can’t come up with 5, find another product! 

Step 2: Make each of the 10 reasons into a short message.

Here’s how to do that.

Write one paragraph of introduction. It can be as simple as Write one paragraph about the reason to buy you are covering. Write one paragraph that summarizes your message, and asks the reader to take a specific action. 

Step 3: Now that you have your messages, you need a way to deliver them and get people to sign up.

Create an account with an autoresponder company or use the autoresponder feature in your shopping cart for this. Any reputable company will help you create a sign up form, and help you get it on your website or blog as well. I use and like Aweber. I suggest you use them too.

Step 4: Set your message to go out every three days.

Some argue for other schedules, but this one works and is a good starting point when beginning. You can ‘fine tune’ later.

Another method that works well is to send a message every day for a week and then send messages about twice a week. The logic here is that people are most interested when they first ask for more information, so it makes sense to send more up front.

Step 5: Add a sign up box to every page on your website or blog, inviting visitors to ask for more information.

Why every page and not just the home page?

  • Because it takes time for people to get comfortable enough to want more information.
  • Because they might miss it on the first page.
  • Because repetition works on the Internet, and the more you ask, the more you get!

If you have followed the steps above, you now have a basic follow up system that WILL help you make more sales.




All in one profit

Let me show you what a legitimate business can do for
 youWhat is All In One Profits (AIOP) ?

It is a marketing system, which makes money.
Not just pennies, but REAL money.
If you are like many people, who are dreaming
about making a fortune online - THIS is your chance.
With All In One Profits (AIOP for short)
you can make money promoting AIOP, and/or
any other program, any other business!
Starting with AIOP is achievable for everyone, because basic membership is only

10 dollars (plus 1.50 processor fee) per month.
For this tiny payment, you will get all the marketing tools

under the same roof! It is a true game changer,
such a program comes out perhaps once in 10 years.

AIOP has everything that you could want in a stable and lucrative
online opportunity and many people will make some serious long term
residual monthly incomes with this company....

Will you be one of them?

You will not only be involved in one of the best
online opportunities but you'll also have a complete marketing system.

AIOP is providing to automatically follow your prospects for you and
if you  will choose to build your list  they also have this option through
the shared emails and the capture page integration.

All in one profit


AIOP is a legitimate business for regular people that, unlike some,
doesn't cost hundreds to get into bad most of all AIOP is:

  • affordable
  • profitable
  • works immediately
  • pays like clock work

Basically, All In One Profits means YOUR SUCCESS made easy.

AIOP is the complete marketing program you need but you never knew
that exists. It is a  simple, very affordable and extremely lucrative opportunity,
regardless of your level of experience .

No other Internet business offers YOU as much as AIOP for so little!  It's True..!

The exclusive and innovative "Even Up" compensation plan is
 "The Most Lucrative in The Industry... Bar None!"
and presents YOU with the following benefits..

  • Unlimited monthly income $1000, $5000, $10,000...as much as you want
  • 100% payout Basic level
  • $10 - $15 for each referral in your downline
  • Your downline builds your commission
  • Affordable : $10 monthly for Basic membership
  • Break even with your first referral (One single referral will set you free)
  • Rapid withdrawals (24 hours indicated, but typically much quicker)
  • Fast Start Bonus (PRO Members Only

So, if you would like a chance to start building a full-time monthly
residual income, please watch the pay plan video and you will
understand how powerful this system is, and remember that the system is 95% Automated, doing the work for you and following your subscribers

The complete Business Center, including autoresponder and web hosting
services is designed to help you build and profit from ANY business you want.

AIOP offeres you a ready made marketing system to promote AIOP in itself but also any business. Lead capture pages, auto responder campaigns, replicated letters to follow your prospects.

While All In One Profits (AIOP) is in itself an AWESOME program with a
very UNIQUE and POWERFUL compensation plan, if you are involved in
another program in the network marketing industry, you can use
AIOP web tools to TRIPLE YOUR INCOME in your current program.

If you are looking for a Legitimate Business to earn a stable income from, then you simply must review this opportunity.


I wanted to share this really important message with you…

Because this changed my life…

Trust me when I say, that it can change your life too.

It could just be the BIG THING you’ve been waiting for.

SO what are still doing here?

I followed this same path to reach financial success.

Now, you can do it too.

I care about you and I know this is exactly what you need.


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